Pa∙ tience (noun) – quiet steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence

If job searching has taught me anything, is it the importance of patience.  Since December, I have been systematically searching for jobs online using popular search engines like CareerShift, Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Monster.  I’ve also been routinely scouring the homepages of organizations I’d like to work for (e.g. hospitals, research institutes, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and wellness centers) in pursuit of job openings.  At this point, I’ve submitted approximately 25 job applications. Unfortunately, 90% of my employment inquiries had been met with no response. *Sigh*

Normally, this lack of response would leave me frustrated, anxious, and itching to follow-up.  However, I’m slowly learning to conserve my energy and sit tight.  Most online applications go into large data banks that Human Resources eventually sifts through.  I keep telling myself that it’s only the beginning of March and that I won’t hear back regarding these positions for quite some time.  In the meantime, I’ve starting resorting to less conventional ways of seeking employment e.g. networking, employment inquiries to professional contacts via email, and phone calls to potential employers.

The bottom line is that the job search process is draining.  It takes a lot of time to identify employers and organizations that match your qualifications and interests.  Filling out job applications is also very time-intensive – think you can just attach your resume and hit “submit”? Nope! Attaching your resume is just the first step, which is generally followed by multiple pages of forms about previous employers, skills, certifications, and references. Then follows a series of questions about your geographic availability/preferences, criminal record, citizenship, demographic information, and more.  It’s important to set time aside for this time consuming process and pace yourself.

Be patient, diligent, and creative and you’ll surely be successful 🙂


Stefanie is a 2nd year Masters student pursuing an M.S. in Health Promotion at the University of Delaware where she is studying social marketing, health communication, and health promotion programming for older adults and individuals with physical disabilities.  After graduation in May, Stefanie is hoping to obtain a full-time position in public health, health communication, health education or research.  She is also a graduate assistant at the University’s Career Services Center where her duties include conducting employer outreach and multi-ethnic and international student programming.  In her free time, Stefanie enjoys running, working out, and reading.

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