How to Prepare for Spring Career Fairs

It’s Mike again! Writing this time from the perspective of a student assistant here at the Career Center,I’ll give yoSCF_2u a quick summary of how I think you could best prepare for any/all of the career fairs this semester.

In my opinion, the best workshop we offer by far is the “Prepare 4 the Fair” workshop. If you can forgive the career center their twitter-grammar in the title of this one, attending this workshop will tell you everything you need to know about how to get ready for an upcoming career fair. This includes what to expect there, how to dress, what to bring, and most importantly how to talk. They will teach you something called the 30-Second Commercial. This is how you can talk yourself up in a short introduction to an employer. Imagine how important this is when just walking around and handing out resumes! A great first impression will make you stand out significantly from other students.

My other suggestion is to do your research about what companies will be there and what companies you plan to talk to. Always bring some generic resumes to hand out, but if you can bring some personalized ones for a few companies, it makes them think you came just for them! For example, if you typically have an objective statement that says: “To obtain an internship at a pharmaceutical company.” Take this off completely for your generic resumes. If you find out Astrazenica will be there, print a resume with the objective “To obtain the position of summer intern at Astrazenica Pharmaceuticals where I can utilize my experiences and education in chemistry to further the company’s new product research.” BOOM. In the bag.

With the preparation you’ll get from the Prepare 4 the Fair workshop and with personalized tweaks to your resumes, you’ll have an interview offer in no time.

Upcoming Prepare 4 the Fair Workshop:
Fri, Feb 22, 2:00pm

Career Fairs this semester:
Spring Career Fair – Feb 27
Multi-Ethnic Career Development Conference and Diversity Career Fair – March 2
Metro CHRIE Fair (for HRIM) – March 3 and March 4
College of Arts and Science Career Networking Night – March 7
Project Search Education Career Fair (PreK-12) – April 17

Good Luck!



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