Brew New Opportunities Over Spring Break!


As much fun as I hope you all have this upcoming Spring Break, why don’t we take just a minute to think about the networking opportunities you could take advantage of during your travels to a different state or country.

Remember that wherever you’re traveling, people live and work there. There may even be some large company headquarters in town. Why not plan one or two early afternoons to meet with someone in human resources at a company in which you are interested. A quick coffee meeting won’t take much time out of your spring break, but you might find a future job or internship opportunity that’s perfect for you! Who wouldn’t want to live and intern in Florida for a summer?! Also remember that while you’re partying, a future employer or co-worker might be watching so don’t be a mess.

Here are some places you might be headed and who will be there…

Panama City?
Major employers there include Gulf Power Company, Rock-Tenn Company working in paper and packaging manufacturing, and Arizona Chemical.

Miami Beach?
Major company headquarters centered nearby include American Airlines, Royal Caribbean, Office Depot, Motorola, and UPS.

Daytona Beach?
Major employers there include Halifax Health, International Speedway Corporation, Daytona Beach News Journal, and Daytona State College.

Quick tip… all I did to find these employers was look on each location’s Wikipedia site. Do some more research yourself!

Devote just a few hours this spring break to career networking and I think your work will pay off. Have a great time!



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