Easy A: What’s your grade for personal social media branding?

Easy A: Social Media Commentary


I personally love when movies have several levels of humor – the obvious silly factor, but a deeper underlying humor for the well-educated members of the crowd. Hence my adoration for the movie “Easy A.” Every time I watch the scene above I am struck by the reality of the impact of social media on personal branding. Thomas Haden Church’s character says to Emma Stone’s character, “I don’t know what your generation’s fascination with documenting your every thought…but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds.” This comment spurred this blog post as an attempt to serve our student population with some practical guidelines regarding social media presence.

Social media brings a connectedness to the world, and presents wonderful possibilities for building a strong personal and professional network. While social media allows the public to be privy to your good qualities, it also allows them to be privy to your bad ones. Social media provides a platform for us as individuals to express our interest, our attitudes, and our values. I am constantly asking students that enter my office – what are you putting out there about yourself? Possibly more importantly, what are you friends putting out there about you (especially since it’s the week after spring break!)? Social media platforms are a chance to prove that you have what it takes to be successful in a career – a chance to make a positive impression on employers.  So I created a grading scale…

Heather’s Social Media Personal Branding Grading Scale:

A – B: Great job! Your social media presence would pass the “Grandmother Test.” (Your grandmother could read it without blushing or being offended). Your posts are thoughtful and relevant. You follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to resourceful commentary vs fun.  Your profile tells an employer that you are responsible, dedicated, & hardworking.

C: Your social media presence is average. People are not appalled by what they see about you, but neither are they interested in the information you are providing.

D – F: Your social media presence displays your lack of responsibility in life. Your profile is filled with irrelevant day-to-day play-by-plays of your life, inappropriate pictures, and profanity that convey a lack of appropriate boundaries and poor work ethic to an employer. Is that a red solo cup?


~ Heather Catalino~

Marketing & Multimedia Coordinator

University of Delaware Career Services

@HCat1221 twitter[1]

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