WOW Employers with your MONSTER Resume!

Monsters University

We’ve been seeing commercials and advertisements for it for months now. Monster U, the sequel to Monsters, Inc., will be released in theaters on June 21st this summer! I’m excited and I hope everyone else is!

Since Monsters U probably has a Career Services Center, I wonder what sort of preparations they take while they’re in college to get them ready for the career world.

I’ll bet that if you’re applying to be a Scare-er at Monsters, Inc. a photo would be helpful along with a detailed description of your grotesque features. Please refrain from including those on your resume in Blue Hen Careers. Just like the sample resume for a Monsters U senior below, be sure to use detailed descriptions for each experience item! Michael “Collaborated with Auditory Scream Lab graduate students on research projects including scream effects on the elderly, new artificial scream formats, and the effects of shrieks on hospital patients.” This shows that he has experience working with a variety of ages and populations, has some technical experience in developing artificial screams, and has experience working in teams. Tailor the descriptions of your experience items to show the skills you gained at that position.

Monsters U Resume

I’ll bet, just like the services you can get at UD’s Career Services Center, there are internships, career fairs, on-campus interviews, job search counseling, and resume and interviewing workshops!

I’m looking forward to the Monsters U premiere! And seeing how their Career Services Center compares to UD’s!

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