UD’s Human Performance Lab Research Assistant: A Blue Hen Intern’s Snapshot

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a research assistant? Niño, a junior Exercise Science major here at the University of Delaware, interned at UD’s Human Performance Lab this summer. Here’s the inside scoop of what a day in the life looked like!



Exercise Science

Expected Year of Graduation:


Where did you intern?

Human Performance Lab on south campus through the Summer Scholars Program.

What were your responsibilities as an intern?

I worked as a research assistant helping some of the grad students with their projects. I also began one of my own: a concussion study that investigated the difference in head acceleration between male and female soccer players.

What was your favorite thing about your internship?

I enjoyed getting to know the people in the lab. They’re all down to earth while at the same time they’re really good at what they do.

What was the most valuable skill you developed that you could use in your future career?

Working with human subjects was a pretty valuable skill. I hope to go to med school and hopefully pursue a career in sports medicine, so this experience will helped me learn how to communicate with patients.

What was something unexpected that happened during, or came out of, your internship experience? 

The concussion project required us to work with the soccer players on the college teams, so our day to day schedule was basically determined by theirs. We had to make a huge effort to track down the players who were on campus.

Any words of wisdom for other students that may be interested in pursuing this or a similar internship? 

Give it a try if it interests you! You won’t regret the experience.

Any additional words of career wisdom that you would like to share?

Stick to your plan if it’s what you want to do. I guess I’ll let you know how that goes for me because I’m still in the process!

Any additional thoughts or comments?

Glad I could help!

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Keri Betters (@BlueHenKeri)

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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