Broadway Artists Alliance’s Media Intern: A Blue Hen Intern’s Snapshot

This week, we are highlighting Cynthia, a senior mass communications major and theater studies minor at the University of Delaware. Cynthia worked as a media intern for Broadway Artists Alliance in New York City this summer.

Keep reading for an inside look on the fun projects Cynthia worked on and advice she gives for those interested in similar internships!

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Major: broadway

Mass Communication, Theater Studies Minor

Expected Year of Graduation: 

May 2013

Where did you intern?

Broadway Artists Alliance in NYC

How did you hear about your internship? Explain the interview process, as well.

I heard about my internship on After applying through the online application, I received an email a few days later requesting an in-person interview. I traveled to NYC from school and attended a 20 minute interview where I had to present a sample of my writing in the form of a news release, a resume, and a performance resume. I also presented them with samples of my previous work such as a promotional video I produced for my study abroad program and my social media ambassador account. After being interviewed by the admissions director, the program founder, and the office manager, I was told I would hear in three days as they were interviewing five total people for my spot. I returned to UD the next day, and that night, received an email offer for the position.

What were your responsibilities as an intern? 

As an intern at BAA, I worked 6 days a week, 9am-7pm. My position title was Media Intern and I was directly responsible for composing news releases to submit to, managing the social media accounts, over seeing staff use of cameras and other equipment, interviewing Tony Award Winning faculty members, and creating a promotional video from these materials. I also received our organization online presence, updated information, and edited past performances for YouTube uploading. Additionally, I worked with the program director to form a new social media ambassador position for the organization. 

What was your favorite thing about your internship? 

My favorite thing about working for Broadway Artists Alliance was having the opportunity to interact and interview professional Broadway actors and Tony Award winners.

As a mass communications major, what is one thing you can take away from your internship and apply to your classes here at the University of Delaware? 

My internship was directly related to my field and interests as I hope to work in public relations/promotions for entertainment, specifically theater. The hands-on experience I gained working with these industry professionals allowed me to reflect on the content I learn in class, and give me something to look back on now as I learn new material.

Any words of wisdom for other students that may be interested in pursuing this or a similar internship? 

Be open to change and be flexible. In this industry, it is very important to stay on your toes and be ready for anything.

Any additional words of career wisdom that you would like to share? 

Keep an open mind when applying to jobs/internships. Even if you find yourself somewhere you didn’t expect, you may learn something new about yourself and your future!


Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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