3 Celebrities Who’ve Nailed the Interview Look…And Now, You Can, Too!

Guest blog post written by Niki K., a junior English major at the University of Delaware. 

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If you’re anything like me at all, there are at least 20 celebrity closets you would love to raid. People like Beyonce, Lea Michele, and even the Kardashians all have amazing fashion senses and everyone tries to emulate their style (but without the large price tags). For all of us who aren’t planning our next world tour or working on a blockbuster hit, we all need to find internships… and with internships come interviews, which require us to look fashionable, yet business professional.

Let’s take a look at some celebrity fashion we should be watching out for so we can look stunning at our next interview! Here are 3 Celebrities Who’ve Nailed the Interview Look…and now, you can, too! 

First up… Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis usually gets it right in the fashion department and here, it’s no different. You can tell she doesn’t have too much makeup on, her hair is tied back in a cute bun, and the button up shirt is cute, yet professional. The color of the shirt is good, because although you can never go wrong with a white shirt, blues and grays add a nice pop of color and can make you stand out a little more. Just by adding a black blazer and closed toe heels to this look, Mila is ready for the interview at her dream company!

Next… Kim Kardashian KimK

Although she may not be your personal favorite celebrity, Kim Kardashian does have excellent fashion taste. It’s no big surprise, seeing how she and her sisters run a huge fashion empire! Here, KK is sporting more of a traditional go at the female version of the interview suit. Her hair is out of her face and pulled back in a slick half up do. She wears minimal make up and a white button up shirt. This time, however, she went with a dark gray suit, instead of black, which is another option. Pair this with the perfect pair of black heels and Kim is ready to rock that interview!

Lastly… Kate Hudson 


Another person we should all model our outfits after is Kate Hudson, who very rarely gets it wrong. Here is another example of how pairing a pencil skirt (knee length!) with the right pair of heels works for an interview. Instead of copying Mila Kunis’ decision to wear a gray shirt, Kate  opted for the classic white with black trimming the top. This adds some uniqueness to the outfit. In this picture, she’s holding her blazer (and coffee), but once she puts the blazer on, she will ace that interview and land the job of her dreams!

Here you have three different  takes on the classic interview style that will work for anyone. Making sure you look professional is key, but remember to add some personal style into your outfit so the company will remember you…but make sure it’s for all the right reasons! Good luck on your interview!



Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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