6 Ways To End Your Internship On A High Note

Guest blog post written by Sarah C.

Editor’s note: Book mark this article and keep it on hand to know what to do at the end of your summer internship! But, it doesn’t end there. These 6 things you need to do before you leave your internship are great for ending any internship! Keep reading to find out more!


How To: End Your Summer Internship on a High-Note
By Sarah C.


So you missed some prime beach days in the sun and a few summer concerts to be an exemplary intern, and now it’s time for the praise you deserve! Before you pack up and head back to campus, there are a few loose ends you need tied up so you can end your internship with great relationships and a killer reference.

First: Assess your work. Look back at the summer and recognize all your strengths and weaknesses. Did you excel at a certain task that your boss appreciated? Did you drop the ball and not make up for it? Realizing where you stand is extremely important, plus making a list of all your accomplishments will make excellent additions to your resume!

Second: Show your appreciation. No matter if it was the most worthwhile experience or not exactly what you expected, it’s important you leave on a high note. Your employer hired you to represent the company and showing them how important it was for your future will make them feel special, and maybe forget about some of your slip-ups.

Third: Make lasting connections. Your employer is a professional in their field and you may be surprised how small world the job market can be. Feel free to write them a thank you letter and keep them updated with what you’re doing while on campus! Most importantly, keep in touch with your fellow colleagues and interns. Chandra Turner, co-founder of Ed2010 and Editor In Chief of Parents magazine, is a firm believer the most important people to network with are your peers; they know you well, are your friends, and will care the most about your success down the road.


Fourth: Network. Ask your boss about future endeavors and express to them where your interests lie now that this experience has ended. They may have friends in high places and having a connection in common is always an advantage.

Fifth: Update your Resume/LinkedIn. After adding your employer on LinkedIn, update your profile and your resume. It’s best to add your experiences while they’re relevant so you don’t forget important details. Then, ask for a reference! You’ll be fresh in your employer’s mind, which makes for the best of references.

Sixth: Celebrate! You stuck it through and now you’re one step further to figuring out what you do and don’t want to do. Next, pack up and get ready for another adventure filled year and possibly your dream internship for next summer.


Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services


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