6 Resolutions Every Young Professional Needs For 2014

As 2013 comes to a conclusion and a new year begins, the topic of “New Year’s Resolutions” is on every person’s mind. A few popular resolutions include running more, eating healthier, reading more books, and being nicer.

I declare 2014 “The Year of the Young Professional.” With new adventures, lessons, memories, and skills waiting ahead, each young professional should have a few resolutions to help them through the year. Not sure where to start? No need to fear!

Here are my 6 Resolutions (I think) Every Young Professional Needs For 2014. 2014

1. Thank you notes for 2013. 

Before you can even think about moving forward in 2014, I ask you one question: Have you written thank you notes yet? A thank you note shows thoughtfulness and a proactive mindset. Write thank-you notes to your employers, mentors, and friends. Whoever helped and inspired you in 2013, write them a little note to express your gratitude for all they did for you. It doesn’t stop there, though! Practice and perfect the task of writing thank-you notes for after job interviews, during/after internships, and just because. To make a good impression, you must always go above the expectations.

social media brand2. Complete your personal social media brand. 

It’s the age of new technology and I have news for you– possible employers check your social media sites, too. Resumes show the work you’ve done, but your social media brand shows who you are. According to your social media sites, are you professional, appropriate, and wise? Complete your LinkedIn profile. Google yourself. Clean up your Facebook. Think before you Tweet. Enough with the selfies on Instagram (that’s soooo 2013). Whether or not your social media sites are considered private, always brand yourself professionally. Sooner or later (or maybe already!), you will be searching for the job of your dreams. Do you really want a social media site to be the reason you don’t get it?

3. Start looking for summer and fall internships. 

Now that you’re on your way to completing Resolution #2, it’s time to begin making progress on Resolution #3. Something I like to keep in mind: always think six months ahead. Never wait until the last minute for anything, especially when trying to land a job or internship. Start researching companies, contacting professionals, and moving forward now if interning over the summer or fall is something you want to do. Don’t know where to look? Check out Blue Hen Careers for the always-growing list of jobs/internships available!

4. Perfect your resume. 

Is your resume ready to be reviewed? Is it up to date, free of errors and mistakes, and in proper format? The resume, although we are in the age of social media, will always be critical and necessary for the professional. A resume should be tailored for each job/internship you apply for. A resume sent for a marketing internship should not look like a resume sent for a journalism internship. Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by all of the little details necessary to make your resume spotless? Head on over to the Career Services Center during daily walk-in hours or make an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors. We’d be happy to assist you in checking off your Resolution #4!

5. Take advantage of the Career Services Center. 39438_165084953506196_562037_s

The Career Services Center is here to help YOU. Whether it’s hosting a career fair, preparing you for an interview, giving resume advice, teaching professional workshops, or leading you to your dream job, the Career Services Center offers many opportunities to help you succeed. Because 2014 is The Year of the Young Professional, take advantage of the many opportunities and experiences the Center offers. We are Blue Hens and Blue Hens dare to succeed. One way to do that: stop by the CSC and take the next step forward.

waltdisney6. Dream it and Do it. 

Be the proactive and adventurous Blue Hen you are! Dream a dream and go after it. The year holds so many opportunities for you. With these 6 Resolutions, you can be sure that 2014 is YOUR year. It’s The Year of the Young Professional and you’re on your way to doing great things. Here’s to 2014. Here’s to you, your opportunities, your dreams, and your pathway to success.

Happy 2014, Blue Hens!



Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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