#UDreamItDoIt Abroad: Giulia’s London Experience

Hey! It’s Giulia, one of the interns here at the Career Services Center. I am currently studying abroad with the history department in London! 
giulia4Today, we went to Parliament, which was an amazing opportunity because it is not usually open to the public. Parliament is located in central London and it is most recognizable by Big Ben. During our tour we learned about England’s constitutional monarchy and were able to see the House of Lords (experts in their field, doctors, businessmen, athletes) and the House of Commons (elected representatives). Giulia1
One of the coolest things I learned today was that students studying abroad for a whole semester are eligible to intern in Parliament! That would be an incredible experience– working in a different government and learning how it runs first hand would be invaluable. Think about how awesome that would look on a resume!! 
giulia2We also explored Hampton Court, Thomas Wosely’s most extravagant palace located on the river. Wosely was King Henry VI’s right hand man, who was both at the highest positions in the church and the state. His palace was so impressive, the king himself decided that he wanted it, and it became another palace of the throne. The Palace was so large due to the amount of staff needed to run it and the amount of people the King, Wosley, and others traveled with. It could house over 500 people. The Palace is now one of the most visited Palaces that is open to the public. Tons of people work at the Palace giving tours, keeping the gardens, and preserving the beautiful architecture. Years of crucial English history and the lavish life style of the aristocrats are recorded at Hampton Court.
I’ve had a really memorable time here in London. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to share more with you later!
Social Media Marketing Intern
University of Delaware Career Services

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