Trinidad and Tobago: A Student’s Caribbean Excursion

A month away from the snow and cold. That is only one of the many reasons Brandon B., a senior Communication major at the University of Delaware, chose to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago this winter.

“Remove the phrase ‘comfort zone’ from your vocabulary,” Brandon suggests to those who dream of studying abroad in the future. Traveling to another country allows you to make tons of memories, but it also pushes you to try new things and experience an entirely different culture.

Now that Brandon’s back in the United States, we interviewed him all about his trip. From hiking through rain forests to meeting new people, the time in Trinidad and Tobago allowed Brandon to not only try new things, but also helped him prepare for any professional experience he will have in the future. How so? Read our interview with him below to find out more!

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Major: Communication

Minors: Music Management, Advertising

Expected year of graduation: Spring 2014

Where did you study abroad? Trinidad and Tobago

What made you want to apply to this study abroad trip? 

I have wanted to go on this trip since my freshman year. As a communication major, there weren’t a ton of study abroad trips offered, and the ones that were, offered classes that I had already taken. I wanted to try something new and different, so I looked at trips offered in my other interest: music. It was a chance to get out of the January cold and into the Caribbean, experiencing a new culture, enjoying the warm climate, and pursuing new musical endeavors.

What is the coolest thing you did/experienced/saw during your trip? Trinidad

Aside from all the great music we got to listen to and play, the island pair of Trinidad and Tobago offered many different excursions across their tropical landscape. My group had the opportunity to hike through rain-forests and scale a few waterfalls. It was amazing.

What is one thing you learned through the experience that you could take with you into the workforce (whether career or internship)? 

If anything, I’ve learned to manage different personalities that people may have, difficult or easy going, and how to trudge through obstacles to accomplish a group or individual goal.

TobagoWhat is the most challenging thing about studying abroad? How could this help you in your UD classes and/or when you graduate from college? 

The most challenging thing was being with the same small group of people in a limited environment for a long period of time. It felt like The Real World at some points, but it was, all in all, a good time.

Any advice for students who may go on the same trip as you/visit the country one day? 

I advise students seeking to study abroad to remove the phrase “comfort zone” from your vocabulary, because you may be in a completely different culture with lifestyles, food, attitudes, environments, and more that vary greatly from your own. Have an open mind and try new things.



Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services


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