Ciao Da Italia: John’s Explorations in Italy

John, a sophomore Applied Economics major at the University of Delaware, has spent the winter days in Paderno del Grappa, Italy. He will be living there until April, learning about the culture and having the time of his life in Europe.

Besides exploring and enjoying the delicious Italian cuisine, while studying abroad in the historical Italian city, John has learned quite a few lessons that can be applied to any professional experience. From figuring out the navigation system to resolving problems quickly and resourcefully, John’s time in Italy will be beneficial no matter where he works or interns.

Check out the interview we had with John to learn more about his time in Italy! Also, be sure to check out his weekly vlog series on YouTube. To catch up on what you’ve missed, check out Week One, Week Two, and Week Three.

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Major: Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics

Minor: Business Administration

Expected year of graduation: May 2016

Where are you studying abroad? Paderno del Grappa, Italy

What made you want to apply to this study abroad trip?

The additional self-improvement workshop and program as well as the generous travel time.

So far, what is the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do/experience/see during your trip?  

Local Italians told us of a night club in the nearby city of Bassano del Grappa.  The night we attended, the nightclub was hosting the Venice beauty pageant!  We were able to watch Venetian models in the beauty pageant for free and after the pageant the club turned into a packed discoteca!  I will never forget that night!

What is one thing you have learned through the experience so far that you could take with you into the workforce (whether career or internship)?


I learned how to express myself and make my thinking visible.  As part of CIMBA’s CAP program, we completed Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and decision analysis.  It taught me how vital it is to make my thinking visible when working in teams and to not jump to conclusions.

What is the most challenging thing about studying abroad? How could this help you when you get back to UD and/or graduate from college? 

Booking transportation!  The Italian metro website is incredibly difficult to navigate.  To overcome the problem, I had to approach the transportation problem from a different perspective and discovered that traveling with a group by taxi is almost identical in price to that of a train without the headache.

Any advice for students who may go on the same trip as you/visit the country one day?

I would definitely recommend CIMBA and if you come, you HAVE to participate in the LIFE and LEAP programs.  If you visit Italy or are studying abroad in Italy, make sure to take advantage of everything the country has to offer.  Do not be too anxious to travel elsewhere in the EU.  Italy has many hidden gems that are much cheaper than traveling to other countries.

Besides vlogging regularly for the UD Career Services Center, I am also a UD study abroad ambassador. Click here to check out my blog! 




Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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