#UDreamitDoit: American Diabetes Association’s Public Relations Intern: A Blue Hen Intern’s Snapshot

Juggling both an internship and college classes is difficult, but it can be done. Brooke, a senior Mass Communications major at the University of Delaware, is not only going to class full time, but is also interning with the American Diabetes Association in Wilmington, Delaware. How does she do it? 
We sat down and talked with Brooke about her internship experience, how she’s making the best of it, what experiences she’s learned so far, and what career wisdom she’s learned so far. Read our interview below to find out more! 

Major: Mass Communications

Expected year of graduation:  Fall 2014

Where are you interning? 

American Diabetes Association in Wilmington, DE

How did you hear about your internship? Explain the interview process, as well.  

Heard about internship through the CareerShift database. During the interview, my resume and writing samples were my greatest asset. I came in prepared with them and talked to the faculty as they looked over my resume with me. The director decided at the interview to go with me as their intern!

What are your responsibilities as an intern?

Manage social media accounts, editing and sending out weekly e-newsletter, contacting local businesses and organizations for fundraising and donations, event-planning for Tour de Cure Delaware (May 3rd at Lums Pond State Park!), sitting in on meetings for media buying and executing our strategic plan for 2014-15. 

So far, what is your favorite thing about your internship? 

Favorite thing is the gratification of my doing fundraising and donations. Even though there are days that I’ll talk on the phone with business representatives or email 30+ people, it is often very difficult to get responses and donors. The days that we get significant donations, funds and sponsors and the coolest because it shows the hard work is worth it and that my efforts are making a significant impact on our team’s ability to make a difference in the fight to stop diabetes!

As a Mass Communications major, what is one thing you can take away from your internship and apply to your classes here at the University of Delaware?

I can take away from my internship the ability to communicate effectively with target audiences. Whether you’re communcating with businesses, non-profit organizations, or individual participants and customers, you have to know your audience and be prepared to represent your company. I learned how to participate in media buying for radio, print, and television by sitting in on meetings with potential clients, which will be very valuable in a future career when I might be the decision maker in the situation.

What is something unexpected that happened during or came out of your internship experience so far?

I didn’t expect to get as much hands-on experience as I have thus far. In the small office setting, you’re going to have a lot of responsibility. My boss and I are constantly in contact and she continues to teach me valuable lessons (whether it’s proper meeting conduct, how to use media technology, or how to work as a goal-oriented team member).

Any words of career wisdom that you would like to share?
Perfect your resume and be honest. They don’t want to see something on your resume and then find out later you have no idea what you’re doing after they’ve hired you. Also, come to interviews confidently and be your best self. Come to a job craving a learning experience if you don’t have much experience already. Employers want to know you’re professional, but they also want to know that you’re a real human being and they understand if you don’t know everything at this stage in life! Be a risk taker and get your feet wet to see if you’ll enjoy a particular career path (that’s what internships are for anyway, aren’t they?).




Keri Betters

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Delaware Career Services

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