8 Life Lessons We Learned Growing Up

Keri, one of our social media marketing interns, comments on life lessons she learned growing up. Interesting perspective on common experiences we all had growing up. See? Even your childhood helped you develop into a professional!

keri papili

Childhood teaches you a lot.

Whether you would like to agree or not, that’s up to you. However, after my last post, I started thinking about things that remind me of child hood.

With each thing that I thought of, I realized that it taught me a valuable skill or lesson. Seriously, call me crazy, but it’s true.

As an aspiring public relations professional, I thank my classes and PRSSA for my growth, yes, but I think the core of my knowledge comes from The 8 Nostalgic Lessons I Grew Up Learning.

finding nemo1. Determination.

Marlin didn’t give up trying to find Nemo. Dory didn’t give up trying to remember P. Sherman Wallaby Way, Sydney. Nemo didn’t give up trying to escape the tank. With each sweet character, determination is evident. Whether or not I realized it as a child watching this movie (repeatedly), they taught me determination…

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