#UDIntern: Pest Management

MC900310684Name: Kayla Krenitsky


Major: Wildlife Conservation, Agriculture and Natural Resources double major


Expected year of graduation:  2015


Where are you interning? 

Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at UD as an entomology and integrated pest management intern

How did you hear about your internship? Explain the interview process, as well.  

I interviewed with another professional in the department who passed my name along to my current employer.

What are your responsibilities as an intern?

 40 hours/week, maintaining all experiments and trials conducted (including insects and plants), applying treatments of pesticides, visiting nurseries in the tri state area inspecting their ornamental plants for insect damage, visiting community gardens and providing help and plants for people to place in their gardens

So far, what is your favorite thing about your internship? 

My favorite thing is that my employer is very understanding and supportive and gives me opportunities to learn and apply skills and knowledge. Also, my fellow interns are easy to work with and we work well together as a team.

 As a Wildlife Conservation major, what is one thing you can take away from your internship and apply to your classes here at the University of Delaware?

 One thing I can take away is my entomology and integrated pest management knowledge and skills/lab experience. Prior to my internship, I knew little in this area, and now I feel like I have a better insight to the impact of insects on ornamental plants.

What is something unexpected that happened during or came out of your internship experience so far?

 Something unexpected that happened was how much I am enjoying this internship. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn without the pressure of exams or grades. My interest and enjoyment of the subject has surprised me thus far.

 Any words of career wisdom that you would like to share? Any advice for the next intern?

 Absorb as much as you can during this experience – listen, ask questions, write things down, take pictures. You need to take advantage of the opportunity and get as much as you can out of it. When you look back you can feel proud and accomplished that you put forth your best effort and hard work.

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