Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of the Spring Career Fair

Written by: Paxton Mittleman

It’s that time of year where students are perfecting their portfolios, practicing their firm handshakes, and picking out their best business-professional attire. What does all of this mean? The annual Spring Career Fair is fast approaching!

Before joining the throngs of students journeying to the Bob Carpenter Center with resumes and business cards in hand, you need to prepare for what’s awaiting you at the fair- after all, students only have a few minutes to make a huge impact on each recruiter they meet. Luckily, the Career Services Center staff has some tips to ensure you walk through the doors of the Big Bob ready to make the most of this year’s fair.

  1. “Do your research.” There are 213 companies participating in Thursday’s fair, but chances are you’ll only have time to visit two or three.   Log into Blue Hen Careers and check out the list of attending companies to find ones that match your interests then check out their websites to learn more. Knowing a company inside and out helps you come up with unique talking points for the short amount of time you have to impress a recruiter- Heather Tansley, Communications Specialist
  2. “Shed your casual look and dress for the job you want.” Follow the career fair dress code guidelines and look like the professional you hope to become. While dress codes vary based on industries, make sure to dress beyond these standards when presenting yourself. Appearance is the first thing people notice about you–and first impressions are usually formed within the first 30 seconds. Dressing in the most professional way possible when meeting recruiters indicates how serious you are about obtaining positions with their organizations- Joyce Henderson, Assistant Director
  3. “Freshman can build their professional networks.” Freshman should not feel intimidated to attend fairs where employers are primarily looking for upperclassmen. Instead, capitalize on the opportunity to attend the fair, introduce yourself, and ask how to prepare for a career with particular companies. Come sophomore year and beyond, these students will be familiar with the fair format and able to easily navigate the career fair process.- Lynn Sydnor-Epps, Associate Director
  4. “Spend time considering your brand.” Every student attending the fair has the basic qualifications for the positions employers are looking to fill. When taking time to evaluate what you represent- i.e. your personal brand- consider what experiences and values make you unique. By clearly defining your brand, you will be able to effectively communicate to prospective employers what sets you apart from the competition- Rachel Stargatt, Career Counselor
  5. Say, “I’m here because you’re here.” When talking to recruiters, make the conversation revolve around why you want to be hired by them rather than why they should hire you. While it’s important to sell yourself and know the value you can deliver to each company, it is critical you express why each company you’ve researched is a company you are passionate about working for. Expressing your desire to further a company’s mission proves you’ve done detailed research and illustrates enthusiasm that makes you a memorable job candidate –Matthew Brink, Director

Attending career fairs can be intimidating when thinking of all the students across campus earnestly preparing just like you- all for the chance to stand out against their professionally-clad classmates. But if you keep these tips in mind, come Thursday you will walk into the Big Bob with confidence and walk out knowing you took advantage of every opportunity the Spring Career Fair has to offer UD students!


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