#UDIntern: What Happens After Graduation?

It’s a question that many college students ask. College goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, you have a diploma and you’re off to the “real world”.

n1-ub3bWI2o6NPf9D_0JOVo3Bwu2H6rsJZfpXQDokXZwjqd6tfQEr2JnEh1l6qO4AjDaGC7Sy3rbmzXtei50nDfFs1l0MT5qT61l9Fkju2jjdUCDmrKxNH3s60qqq_Z_4iYYTn0e7H4WlCvxdKhBSqgNHwMQQdcu44ODglZoJitfeJSiN-sQxmu_cZG4rEIaRLLo8uN_YmnU8RCaiKAN2R-1I never really thought about the real world until my senior year of college. I was always so focused on having the best time possible that I sometimes forget why I was there to begin with! I began to panic when a handful of my friends started getting jobs and I hadn’t even found the time to update my resume. Over the next few months I did some research on the types of jobs that I would be interested in. Unfortunately, nothing stood out to me. I started to think about what I was passionate about and how I could put those passions to use in a job. Finally, it clicked in my head.

I studied abroad in Northern Italy my fall semester junior year. It was one of the best experiences I could have ever asked for. After traveling to over 25 cities and 10 countries in 3 months, I had officially caught the travel bug. One of my favorite cities that I traveled to was Prague in the Czech Republic. It was there where I met this girl named Erin. I met her at a pub when I overheard her talking about Flyers hockey (go Flyers!!!). I immediately felt the need to talk to her to get a little taste of home. We ended up talking for awhile and she told me that she was living and teaching English in Prague. I thought that it sounded cool, but not something I wanted to do.

Well, what do you know? Two years later, I realized that I wanted to travel and this would be the best way for me to do it! I quickly did my research and found an amazing school, TEFL Worldwide Prague, to get my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. The school is a month long course with 120 hours of learning. It also includes 10 hours of teaching Czech students. Boy, did I underestimate what I got myself into.74qZ7owMACZXAjGoR5vFotSLiRXftZe6yqxMBqHIPSMv_2RVagjAOz5vvEoDP05Bp9xMOVCWacxvZQXpd2BPl5U1fcmvpX9MlvuNi85ER1eaeD-89PBPdg-P2HdzDGE5lxzbgA4ON4K2CKdrWzM-KLe2lrOtTPTsBBVhhLN-0T8stQaXgReJlRUMV0fLKuV4Zf07YpXF7TtymWDSFJI8qyA few weeks after graduation passed I hopped on a plane and went off to Europe. I spent my first two and a half weeks in Greece and Budapest before I settled down in Prague. After my first 8 hours of class, I thought that the next 4 weeks were going to go by very slowly.

Little did I know, they actually went by extremely fast. Each class makes you more and more prepared to become an English teacher. By the second day of class, I was teaching my first lesson! It was horrifying enough to teach with no experience, but I also had to teach a class of elementary level Czech adults. It was hard, but it helped get my nerves out of the way from the beginning.
gOBW_ULRZkHXd5bInPF2Dl9rzU-22nZzi7y5IcRm0oUBPTLn-1VvGAmDIIe6E5GBBy8Hxq1rBim3eXwDW6v2eJXkujDZ3SVKJH6v1MJxcapyYNMl84pCsIt3wB-Bqmbj96sLH9-axCxWaMwc_v8V58lmSztDJglacU0UzAMu7UVSoQP11zvo7PIIQYd-bQzQ5TpOA1bNGTOSQS1iNAHs02Over the next month I had 10 hours of teaching, taught private sessions, learned a little bit of Czech, struggled in 100 degree weather with no air conditioning, bought meat from the grocery store that I wasn’t sure was even meat, made wonderful new friends, took a casual weekend trip to Vienna, lived in a beautiful city, and ultimately grew as a person. I couldn’t be prouder of myself for completing this grueling, yet rewarding course.

jpQyaOCmovYCi_YFjrSMj_IEYZK0GWK78pHwWcpi-7zHK_WapO5QLM8ebVkiKK1XlCs6CD_j0_zazosIkivKs5I2WhcWfFxpIfm7A_QYUI_7GsaAvtybna1ANGf7skQv5mBqKuPEPb8RlW256hU3lZaR1OuP_NzwA7p7egWQWv_SSXeFJxVpEfGkYYN4wMHCu_y1Uxa0MjKQmlmU7Bdx_ZNow that I officially have my TEFL certificate, I will be celebrating by traveling all over Europe for the next month and a half! Who knows what the future holds, but at least I don’t have to go into the “real world” just yet.

Written by: Emily Pollock

Emily is a recent Marketing graduate from the University of Delaware. She just received her TEFL certificate and is celebrating by traveling all over Europe and documenting every moment of it! She loves new followers, so follow her journey @emilypollock. If you have any questions about getting TEFL certified, or just about life in general, feel free to contact her on any of her social media sites.


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