5 Reasons Why Virtual Internships are Still the Real Deal


This past summer I had the pleasure to be a Public Relations intern in a virtual setting with YOakleyPR. When applying to internships, do not shy away from virtual settings; there are many benefits and learning opportunities available without having to set foot in an office!


  1. Different perspectives

Because of the online aspect of a virtual internship, you get to work with individuals from all over the country and even internationally to provide diverse insight on projects.


  1. Time management

You are responsible to get things done on your own time. Because you do not report to an office at the typical 9am-5pm hours, it is your job to manage  your time in order to meet deadlines efficiently. The flexibility is fantastic, although it is key to set a place and schedule a time in your day that you have designated for yourself to get down to work. These skills transfer greatly to schoolwork and future jobs.



  1. Communication skills

Since the internship is done completely through your computer, you learn to perfect the skill of communicating effectively. At YOakleyPR, I gained experience using a web-based project management and collaboration tool including several project threads and chat boards. Through these chat boards, I got to know my co-workers and fellow interns from across the world in order to keep the “water cooler chat” vibe present.

  1. Hands on experience

By being completely online, you do not miss out on great experiences and opportunities. By volunteering for several top-notch projects during weekly Google Hangout meetings, I had the chance to write public service announcements, media releases, and create media lists contacting many outlets on behalf of a client’s event.


  1. Resume booster

With such a unique experience, I have been able to speak about my virtual internship in several interview settings. Excelling in a virtual internship shows future employers that you can learn quickly and adapt easily to diverse environments and circumstances. I can say with confidence that I have learned an incredible amount and expanded my professional breadth exponentially through my virtual internship.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a virtual internship today!


This post is part of the Looksharp Internship Blog Competition. To read more about the competition and view other posts go here.


 Julie Solomon is a senior Communications major and Political Science minor at the University of Delaware. She is seeking an exciting career in Public Relations and/or Marketing. Julie can always be found binge watching The Office while laughing hysterically to herself.


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