Time Crawling Until Spring Term?: Tips to Maximize What’s Left of Your Winter Break


So you are home for January term- wondering what to do?

Were you asked lots of questions about your career path during the holidays? Still wondering what to do for a New Years Resolution? Getting sick of sleeping in and watching TV?  Super tired after a day of your internship or part-time job?

The holidays are over and there are a number of weeks left before spring term begins. Here are a couple of tips of ways to utilize your break time to develop your career ideas and plans:

Join LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn profile utilizing this guide.

Are you interested to find out what UD alumni have done after graduation and beyond?

Join the Blue Hen Career Network and the University of Delaware page. Look at the “Explore Careers” section on the UD page and check out where alumni work, what they majored in, what they are skilled at – are there any jobs that you think are interesting?

Informational interview & shadow someone in a field you want to join

Utilize the “Explore Careers” on the UD LinkedIn page and reach out to alum that have careers you are interested in to ask if you can chat with them about their day to day work and other questions you have about their job. Utilize your network-including the UD LinkedIn page to see if you are able to shadow someone in a career you are interested for the day to get a more hands on look.

Create and edit your resume

Your resume is a living document. Check out our sample resume and cover letter book. Reflecting on what you have done and how it can be placed on your resume to highlight your experiences is a great skill to learn and cultivate as a professional.


Not sure how to break into your field of interest, or trying something new to see if you like it? Volunteering is a great way to gain first-hand experience into a field you are interested in!

Obtain an internship

Though it may be shorter than doing an internship in the fall, spring, or even summer to just have an internship for fall, you can see if there is somewhere that will start you in the winter to continue on to the spring. Gaining hands on experience will help you hone in on what you would like to do and add to your resume! Check out Handshake and our resources for postings.

Take classes

Take a class on its own that you can devote more time to it. If you live outside of the area- are there any specialty courses or trainings at community colleges or local schools that you can take that we don’t offer that interest you, see if you can take it and get UD transfer credits.

Study/travel abroad

Traveling abroad through a UD program or on your own can be a great way to gain experience about working with different cultures. Check out Passport Careers, UD’s study abroad programs for the future, visit friends who are studying abroad for a semester.



Lisa Sydney is a Career Counselor at the University of Delaware’s Career Services Center. She is a liaison to the arts and humanities students in the College of Arts & Sciences.


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