#UDIntern: Living the Cream Team Dream



When touring different colleges trying to decide which one was best for me, a lot of factors were considered. Obviously the size, location, and quality of the programs offered were all big factors. But once I narrowed it down based on those criteria, I took into account little things. What makes this school different from the others? Why is it special, and why will I be happy here? Now, by no means am I saying that I based my college decision off of the quality of their ice cream… But let’s just say that was a welcome bonus when I chose to attend University of Delaware.


So yes, I’m a huge fan of UDairy ice cream, and I have been since even before I was officially a Blue Hen. But never in a million years would I guess that one day I’d have the chance to intern with the Creamery. So you can imagine my surprise when my little spring semester freshman self gets an email first scheduling my interview, and then a few weeks later delivering the single best news of my college career: they chose me!


Working at the Creamery seems like such a fun job, and believe me it lives up to its expectations. I’m gaining so much marketing and communications experience, but it hardly even feels like I’m going to work! Rather, my weekly intern meetings with the other two Moo Crew interns are the highlight of my week, since we get to sit together in the office and talk all things ice cream – what flavors should we put out next month, what fun names can we think of, and what new and creative ways can we promote our product?


I’ve gotten firsthand experience crafting monthly newsletters, through which I have discovered how many components there are to just one month of the Creamery’s schedule. From on campus Moo Mobile appearances, to selling at sporting events, to holding Mystery Flavor guessing and T-Shirt design contests, there’s a lot that needs to be communicated from our office in the Creamery to all of our loyal customers. I’ve learned the most organized, efficient, and clear way to convey all of this information so that everyone reading our newsletter gets all the information.


Another huge perk is that my job largely consists of creating and posting content to major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As someone who hopes to work in social media after graduation, this is an incredible first look into all the thought and effort that goes into every post. My favorite content we have created so far this year undoubtedly is our Fall Flavors Pageant videos series. We wanted to get customers excited for the new fall flavors, so we interviewed each flavor to get a feel for their individual “personalities” and get users engaged by voting for their favorite. It was a lot of work from conception to completion, but definitely a successful campaign and the most rewarding to see finished.

One thing this internship has taught me so far is to go after the opportunities you truly care about. My endless love for UDairy ice cream has fueled my efforts to pour all my energy into the work I do with the Creamery. After all, if you have a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, right?


Kristina Demou is currently a sophomore Communication interest major with minors in Art and Interactive Media. She is a sister of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a Social Media Ambassador at UD, and contributes to The Odyssey Online and HerCampus UDel. When she’s not promoting delicious ice cream, you can probably find her taking photos, at the UD Lil Bob, or strumming her guitar or ukulele. If you like ice cream (who doesn’t) or want to follow more of what Kristina does, follow her @BlueHenKris on Twitter!



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