#UDIntern CSC Spotlight: Kaitlin Vienne



As a Social Media Marketing Intern at the University of Delaware’s Career Services Center, I have gained vital skills in which I can apply to my future career. Myself and two other interns work as a team to run the social media sites for the department. We work with Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher in order to create graphics and posters to promote on campus events and Career Fairs. Additionally, we conduct research to learn the best ways to reach students, and use our own perspectives to take on projects of our own and create new media! Our goal is to engage the University of Delaware’s students, including Alumni, to attend career events and understand the importance of networking and building relationships.

I applied for my position online during the summer going into my sophomore year and interviewed with Heather Catalino, Communications Specialist, and was hired! I have taken on projects such as creating videos like “What Not To Wear To The Fall Fair”, posters and graphics for on-campus events, and Buzzfeed articles on various topics like what to do over winter break! I have also attended numerous career fairs with the Career Services Center, and every time I feel more comfortable talking to employers and interacting with other students and alumni! Each project that I have worked on here has been new and exciting, as we trying to incorporate popular culture into our everyday posts and visuals.

I never expected to become so interested in Marketing, especially the social media aspect of it, until I landed this internship. It is very interesting to analyze and see which posts engage with the most students. Our #MotivationMonday, #TipTimeTuesday, Blog Posts, and Video materials seem to draw in the most attention from our followers here on campus, and I am looking forward to continue creating additional material for them!

I have enjoyed and appreciated the relationships that I have made with students and staff at the Career Services Center. The community that the center has is extremely welcoming and always open to new ideas. The internship is definitely worthwhile, and I am eager to continue working with such a wonderful team!


Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@KaitlinVienne) or add me on LinkedIn!

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