#UDCareerTrip: Blue Hens in the Big City



This past week, three different fantastic field trip options were provided to the University of Delaware student body through the school’s Career Services. Two groups of Blue Hens were given the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to visit either the F.B.I. or the city’s Twitter office and Edelman PR. Another handful of students, myself included, ventured to New York City and got the chance to explore Ogilvy PR and Grey Group Advertising.

The morning of the trip, waking up and sitting on the bus at 6:45 A.M. didn’t exactly feel ideal (I was having serious high school morning flashbacks). Little did I know that the experience was about to be one of my most memorable school-related functions.

As a Communication Interest with a strong passion for Public Relations and an expected minor in Advertising, our destinations had me giddy with excitement. I researched both companies before arriving, which allowed me ample background information about their work and missions so that I could ask questions and network. When our bus neared closer to the first destination, Ogilvy PR, we all quickly began to wake up from our groggy slumber. We were greeted in a large red and black lobby and almost instantly the weirdest thing began to happen… I felt at home in a place I’d never been before.Cf8EtH3WEAAtOQ2

Ogilvy PR employees spoke to us like the professionals we are all aiming to become by providing us both company information and life motivation. Presentations ranged from the company’s crisis communications plan to tips on having fun and making your work worthwhile. At Ogilvy PR, it felt as if everything I learned in class and through extracurriculars was finally being put to work in a setting outside of Delaware. The employees had a passion for their work, which was contagious to all of us students that could see a future in some form of communications.

After a delicious lunch at Ogilvy PR, our giant squad of Blue Hens arrived at our next location: Grey Group Advertising. Talk about aesthetic overload… Grey’s office might have been one of the coolest environments I’ve been in! Greeted by 3 Cannes awards the office won for past campaigns, we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to absorb what they had to share.unnamed

I found it astounding that I was in the place where a giant portion of my favorite commercials and campaigns were created. The “Sorry Not Sorry” Pantene campaign, the Pringles’ “Percussion Prodigies”, and much more were all invented by people who started out right where we are now. Grey Group explained to us their young and hip company culture. For instance, some of their “creatives” wear sweatpants to work and no one takes a second look. Additionally, employees generously gave us tips for the best ways to apply to work at their company, and went over the types of skills their hiring managers value.

Overall, the trip gave me fire to keep chasing my passions. Both of the offices were the types of places I thought only existed in my dreams, and yet, both places we visited had University of Delaware alumni working there! Thanks UD Careers Services, for the inspirational adventure to remind us how far we can go if we set our mind to it.



Brittany O’Connell is a sophomore communication interest with a passion for Public Relations. She is a Social Media Ambassador on her UD-branded Twitter account @BlueHenBrittany, a Social Media and Marketing Intern for Career Services, and the Finance and Fundraising Director for PRSSA-UD


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