#UDIntern: How I Got an Amazing Internship Through Looksharp.com


Looksharp.com is a website that lets firms post internship opportunities to the public. On Looksharp, you make a profile with your major and interests and the site recommends hundreds of internships around the country. You may also search for internships through many filters; season, area of business, paid or unpaid, organization type, location and more. Many of the postings have an “easy apply” option where you are able to quickly submit your resume and a cover letter all on Looksharp. If the posting does not have this option, the site directs you straight to the company’s application on their website. Another amazing feature of Looksharp is that there is a tab called ‘Resources’ with industry guides, resume and cover letter example, and blog posts with information on things like “10 Questions to Ask Interviewers”.

The website is unbelievably easy to use and has internships from many top companies. I applied to around 20 different internships because it was so easy to send out my resume all from one site. I received emails back from companies within days to set up phone interviews.

The Reason I Got the Internship:

Before the interview I made sure to have a list of about ten questions to ask the interviewer that were specific to the company. I researched events that the company had coming up and became familiar with their mission statement. Because it was a phone interview, I sat in a quiet space and was ready 15 minutes before the phone call was scheduled to relax and go over my resume. It is always important to have your resume in front of you to be able to refer to it if they ask you any questions.

Many times people don’t think that volunteering is an important aspect to elaborate on in a resume, but it shows the company reading it many important things. Volunteer work is done on your own time for free, it gives the interviewer something to talk about, and you never know if the interviewer has some involvement or has been impacted by your volunteer work. Many people in college are looking for their first internship and have very little real work experience in their field, so volunteer work is another way to show what kind of attributes you have. I was extremely nervous about getting an internship because I felt that my resume was lacking in relevant work experience, but during my phone interview I was offered the job on the spot because of my volunteer work.

Leading up to your internship in the months before the summer it is important to remember that you are still giving your employer first impressions of you. Keep your social media clean and be very professional and polite in any contact that you have with them. Make sure to address and close all emails professionally and have proper etiquette. Sort out all details with the company far in advance to save you from stress and to show them you are on top of things. Ask about parking arrangements if you are working in a city, know the hours you are expected to be there, the start and end week, and especially know what is expected of you so that you are prepared on the first day.

Because of all this preparation, this summer I will be a Development Intern for Luke’s Wings in Washington D.C.



Jenna Pilarchik is a Marketing and Management major and a sister of Chi Omega at the University of Delaware. 

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