GEICO Achievement Award Scholarship Winner


Just two short years ago, I was a senior in high school and applying for scholarships was just as common as applying to college. Scholarships were the perfect way to reduce college expenses, whether it be to cover the cost of books or to take a break off of tuition. However, what many students don’t realize is that scholarship opportunities don’t stop once you get to college. In fact, there are a variety of scholarships specifically designated for college students that continue to reward students for their achievements during their college years. At the University of Delaware, students can learn more about these opportunities on Handshake, which is where I came across the GEICO Achievement Award Scholarship.

I was very interested in applying, and felt as though I was a perfect fit for the required qualifications. Aside from the logistical requirements, the Geico Achievement Award Program was looking for applicants who had demonstrated leadership within their campus and/or community. Here at UD, there are a plethora of organizations both on and off-campus for students to get involved in that encompass a range of interests. Some of the organizations I am currently involved with on campus include the Career Ambassadors Program, the UD Alternative Breaks Program (UDaB), the Blue Hen Leadership Program (BHLP), the Blue Hen Investment Club and Greek Life. My involvement in these organizations has enabled me to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and further develop my leadership skills.

Whether it be serving as the liaison between employers and the student body through the Career Ambassadors Program, or leading a trip of 40 students to Mississippi to assist in disaster relief through UDaB, I believe that the leadership roles I have taken on in these organizations helped mold me into an ideal candidate for the GEICO Achievement Award. I highly recommend that students take advantage of scholarship opportunities, especially those offered on Handshake. Even if applying seems tedious and requires an essay, be sure to put the time and effort into it and never underestimate yourself. Look for scholarships that emulate your personal interests and qualifications because it will be much easier and meaningful to complete the application. I am extremely grateful to have been awarded the 2016 GEICO Achievement Award Scholarship, and hope to continue to gain leadership experience both on and-off campus as well as explore future career opportunities with GEICO.


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