#UDIntern: Make It Count


While we begin to settle into new summer internship positions, it is essential that we remember why we are there in the first place and to make the most of our experiences. As an aspiring professional, I remind myself everyday to try and take advantage of opportunities. This especially applies in the summer, when you can focus most of your energy on work because the usual everyday school stress is reduced. Here are some personal tips I have that I feel will help other students succeed this summer in their internships:

1)Try and learn as much as possible about the company that you are working for. Learn about their company culture, what they stand for and how they operate. Even if you may not particularly enjoy the work that you are doing, taking the time to understand the way in which the company works will only expand your intelligence and help you further understand and excel in your role.

2) Establish relationships with your manager and other employees. There is so much to learn from someone who has been in the field longer than you have, so make sure to take advantage of working with these professionals. They want you to succeed just as much as you do and would love to share their knowledge!

3)Always make sure to be on top of your work. If you are running low on things to do and are not sure what task to approach next, just ask! Being proactive will show that you are eager to learn and engage in the company as much as possible.

4) Lastly, remember to have fun this summer! Establish great relationships, network, take feedback positively, and enjoy your time at the company. There is an abundance of material to learn and experience to be had as long as you make sure to put yourself out there.

Good luck to all #UDIntern’s this summer!

Kaitlin Vienne is a rising Marketing major at the University of Delaware. She is a Chi Omega sister, member of PRSSA, and VP of Operations for Greek Council. Feel free to follow her on Twitter (@KaitlinVienne) or add her LinkedIn!


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