The Artistic Mind of a UD Alumni

I’ll start by saying that I am an artist, more specifically a painter who dabbles in mixed media work. My time at the University of Delaware was spent practicing art while also obtaining a degree in foreign language and literatures. I find the latter to now be a record of personal knowledge that I draw on in my fine art career.

niyama_4Currently I am continuing my artistic pursuits in a Master’s of Fine Arts program at Cornell University. Thus far I’ve found it to be incredibly trying as well as enlightening. I spend my days not only in attempts to create and understand my own work, but also venturing to fully grasp the contemporary art world and market as it relates to the ever increasing information from the past.

I am lucky enough to currently have a few pieces being featured around the University of Delaware campus. The first is a two panel mural painting located in the main hallway of the STARR building. This piece was one the most fun projects I was able to be involved in a University of Delaware. It was designed by both myself and Avalon Batory, a recent graduate, and worked on by two other artists in the 2015-2016 fine arts graduated classes, Peter DeLuce and Lauri Tobia. The work itself talks about community, kindness, healing, and of course the strength in the connection between the disciplines of art and science.

My other works on campus include a series of photos taken during a study abroad to the Peruvian Amazon. This trip was absolutely the most enjoyable time I have ever spent learning and creating. I enjoyed it so much that later that same year I went back to Peru as an illustrator and editor for a cultural mapping book project led by a current art professor at the University.

UD Peru Study Abroad 2015The amazon jungle is full of legend, mystery, color, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. The people there are enchanting and spending time with them leaves you with a true sense of self and a sense of all man’s natural drive to understand and be at one with the environment.

There are many things to be said about “artists” and there are many areas in which someone can be called or call themselves as such. One thing I’ve found to be true through my work and adventures for inspiration is that art is a feeling. Art has the power to enlighten, to change, to make way for dreams and clear paths to open up one’s ability to believe in themselves and to believe in the world. All work is different but through aesthetics and artistic pursuits, even just a few photos hanging in a lobby can create a bridge of imagination and passion.

Remember to please fight for art in schools! Especially in early education! Encourage the mind by opening the heart to the joy of creating!

If you are interested in seeing more of my current work at Cornell or past work you can visit the following websites or instagram:

Kate Huffman Art

Kate Huffman Art – Cornell

Instagram: @katehuffman_art

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