#UDIntern: Adison Partners Executive Search


I am interning at Adison Partners Executive Search.

My responsibilities include performing LinkedIn searches for C-Suite, Vice President and Director level searches within general management, financial, marketing, sales, human management, supply chain and information technology disciplines.

Within the pharmaceutical, industrial, business services, technology, consumer packaged good, sports/entertainment and automotive sectors I use LinkedIn to identify candidates with exceptional career trajectory and educational pedigree. I also perform industry research and participate in weekly staff meetings.

A typical day at my internship includes meeting with the recruiter who I am doing the search for. During this time, I get the search they want me to input and they describe their perfect candidate. Then, I go through all of the people that the search generates.

I take notes about the people who I found and add the people who I think fit the “perfect candidate” standard into a folder for the recuiter to look at. Next, they report back to me and tell me how I am doing.

My favorite part of my internship is that I get to learn about so many careers that I never knew existed and also interact with the different recruiters.


Kylie Nugent is a Women and Gender Studies major at the University of Delaware expected to graduate in Spring 2018.

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