#UDIntern: Margali and Flynn Designs


During my first week of interning at Margali and Flynn Designs in Williston Park, New York, I learned an extensive amount about the interior design business. In my first ten minutes of walking into the office, I was fortunate enough to sit in on a meeting with my boss and one of her many clients. In total, the company has at least 15 different clients from all over Long Island and New York City. They were discussing the renovation of her new house including, her bedroom, kitchen and living room. I was in awe how quick my boss, Keri Flynn, was able to show her client different layouts and designs. Quickly after the meeting, I went to the storage room and helped organize fabric samples. As the day went on, I learned more about the varying grades of different types of textiles and cost management. One of the other employees in the office advised that the more fabric sample books I looked through on my own, the greater amount of knowledge I would gain about textiles and fabrics for interior design.

After my first day, I started to get to know the other employees better and became more aware of the office space and dynamics. I went on numerous errands for my boss, including multiple fabric and appliance locations. I even got the privilege of seeing one of the most amazing houses her team built from start to finish. It was beautiful. From the stunning white kitchen and bathrooms to the white cork wallpaper in the dining rooms, every room was impressive. The entire house was thought out in detail and I loved it.

One of the most exciting parts about my first week at the internship was my boss’ enthusiasm about my idea to renovate her social media, including her website, Facebook and Instagram. I came up with all new ideas on how to modernize the media and bring everything up to date. I came up with multiple folders and calendars to help begin organizing her thousands of photos from her various interior design projects and put them all together in one portfolio. Next week we are going to begin launching all of these images onto her social media to begin the makeover. I’m so excited! All in all, it was a very successful first week at Margali and Flynn Designs.

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