#UDIntern: My time with a local law firm



I began my first week of my internship at a local law firm where I live. The firm is called Fuqua, Willard, Stevens and Schab.

In my first week as an intern, I started off by getting to know everyone in the office including the attorneys. For my first assignment I was asked to answer some phone calls and speak briefly to some clients.

One important skill I have already developed is the importance of dating and organizing files. It makes it easier for the attorneys to find them and use them while they’re in court. So far, my favorite part about my internship is getting to know more about how lawyers operate on the daily basis and how they go about their schedule.

I’m looking forward to learning more from the attorney’s daily work and how they go about going to court with clients. I would highly recommend getting an internship to any student because I believe it’s a great experience to have. You learn a lot more than you would in a class room about your future career.



Miguel Merino is a history major at the University of Delaware expecting to graduate in 2018.


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