#UDIntern: Respect is Key



I am currently interning at Valley Avenue Management LLC where I work closely with the manager to learn about property management and the day to day operations that go specifically into efficiently managing an apartment complex. Although my internship has only started this past week, I feel like I’ve already learned a lot of valuable lessons in such a short period of time.

Something that my manager has taught me that is so important is the ability to be able to communicate with tenants with respect and patience no matter how hard it may be sometimes. My manager told me about a woman who lives near the apartment building and has influence in the town, and how she was an important person to keep happy although she wasn’t directly a tenant of his building. By being polite to her and making sure none of the operations to improve the building would interfere with her life, the owner of the building was able to expand his projects and begin to develop another apartment complex next to the current property.

I’m not sure if property management is the field I see myself working in for the rest of my life, but the lesson of always treating others with respect can be applied to whatever career path I choose in the future.

Alex is a Psychology/Business Administration major at the University of Delaware graduating in 2017

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