#UDIntern: Writing My Way to My Future (Part 2)


Part 1: Writing My Way to My Future

It was a huge week for PureWow and myself. We just became a part of something huge and were bought by an entrepreneur with great reach and influence in the industry and we could not be more excited. This means the company will be expanding as well as moving locations in May. It could not be a more perfect time for me to intern here.

On Tuesday I had a meeting with my supervisor Roberta. We have really hit it off. She’s 25, interned for PureWow a few summers ago and then reached out to her supervisor after she graduated. With the expansion of the company, Roberta believes there will be opportunity for me to freelance over the spring and openings for after graduation.

As far as work in the office went this week, I am so close to completing my venues project! I have researched and written about over 200 Manhattan restaurant venues and even got to visit a few of them. I am finally picking up the PureWow voice. On Thursday, my supervisor and I went to lunch (to one of the restaurants I had previously written about that day).

While we were eating we talked about a few new projects that I will be starting at the end of next week. One including a SnapChat project as one fashion project given to me from one of our editors out in Los Angeles. As of now I do not know all of the details on these two projects, but I am very excited to get them started!

The longer I work at PureWow the more I get to know the company and realize this is exactly the place, or type of place, I picture myself working at.  Oh! And I forgot to mention, Sarah, who was overseeing my first project, took a leave from PureWow to do speechwriting for the White House. We will miss her but it is such a great opportunity that she could not pass up. While she is gone, I have been upgraded to her desk, which means I know have my own personal desk!

Alexandra Hough is a Senior Communications major at the University of Delaware.

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