#UDIntern: Law Firm Lessons


Read Part 1 of Miguel’s experience at a local law firm!

During my second week of my internship at the law firm I was instructed to complete some small assignments. One of my first assignments appointed to me by the attorney was to organize a file for him. The file had a lot of paperwork in it and I was instructed to organize each file to their appropriate place, the case was about a personal injury case that occurred at a restaurant. This was one of my favorite assignments I did this week because, I got the opportunity to read about a case that dealt with an actual client and learned about what kind of information the attorney was focusing on more so he could make his case.  This is a situation where I would recommend an internship to students because of the great experience and knowledge you gain when you work with professionals in your field of interest.

My third week at the law firm Fuqua, Willard, Stevens, & Schab, P.A. was different than previous weeks. My responsibilities for this week were to draft letters to the clients for the attorneys. This was a new skill I learned from the attorneys and how they communicate with their clients and how they keep them posted on everything about their case. The letters consisted with a lot of legal jargon about the case and step by step instructions on what the client should do next, for example, if they should plead guilty or innocent on certain charges. I found this task very interesting because I got to speak with clients and also know everything that is going on with their case, some of the cases involved theft, drug, and weapon charges. One thing that was unexpected this week at my internship was that I got to witness a signing of a will. This happens a lot in the attorney’s office and I got to be one of the witnesses and had the opportunity to sign some documents on the will. Overall, it was an exciting week at the law firm I learned a lot about drafting letters to clients and the opportunity to be a witness of a will.

Miguel Merino is a history major at the University of Delaware expecting to graduate in 2018.

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