#UDIntern: Property Management


Read Part 1 to gain background knowledge on Alex’s internship at Valley Avenue Management LLC!

One thing I’m growing to like about my internship is that there is no typical day, everyday is something different. Although some days may include boring paperwork, other days I get to go to the complex and watch the manager do some work around the building which allows me to get some real life experience. This week I helped interview two potential new tenants that had come to the complex to tour the apartment and ask some questions. It was cool to see how my manager is able to be friendly and warm while maintaining a level of professionalism and was sure to include me in the process. I’m looking forward to more real life situations and learning about what it takes to be a property manger. I didn’t think this was something I would be interested in doing as a career, but I really am enjoying my internship a lot so far.

Advice I would have for someone pursuing an internship in property management is to be proactive and respectful in all situations. Although I still have so much to learn, I have learned that there are so many rules and regulations regarding properties and it is imperative that when managing a property the manager is aware of all restrictions as well as opportunities and understand exactly what needs to be done. Being on top of these obstacles will make further progress in the enhancement of the property a lot simpler and more efficient. Its also important to be respectful of all people you are doing business with whether it be the township you are seeking approval from or dealing with an unsatisfied tenant. Dealing with difficult people with respect and poise will allow you to possibly network with people you didn’t anticipate and become a more successful manager.

Alex is a Psychology/Business Administration major at the University of Delaware graduating in 2017

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