#UDIntern: Adison Partners Executive Search (Part 2)


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I think the most valuable skill I have developed at my internship that I can use in my future career would be communication skills. This is a skill that will carry me throughout my life. Asking for critical advice and learning how to take it if the candidates I’m finding aren’t on target has been a skill I haven’t previously obtained. Luckily for me my coworkers are very patient and are good at explaining things to me so their advice is directly applicable and extremely helpful. Learning how to use LinkedIn and how to orchestrate searches is also very helpful if I am considering a career as a recruiter. I am really enjoying my internship thus far and look forward to see what other valuable lessons I will learn.

The advice or words of wisdom that I can share for other students who may be interested in pursuing an internship in recruiting would be to go in and push yourself to try everything happening in the office. Ask your boss or mentor to do more than they’re asking you to do. They may only want you conducting LinkedIn searches but ask to listen in on calls and help with tasks around the office so you get a better feel for a realistic day in this profession. I have pushed myself during my internship to help with office tasks, conduct LinkedIn searches of my own and with help, listen in on calls, attend staff meetings, and put together excel files and company decks.

Kylie Nugent is a Women and Gender Studies major at the University of Delaware expected to graduate in Spring 2018.


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