#UDIntern: Margali and Flynn Designs (Part 3)


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During my third week interning at Margali and Flynn Designs in Williston Park, New York, I gained a lot more skills and knowledge. This week, I was fortunate enough to go with my boss to a few of the houses she is renovating and remodeling this season. We went to three different houses across Long Island, all different projects in different states of construction.

The first house we stopped at was a 70’s looking house that needed complete remodeling. My boss, Keri, was constructing an entire new kitchen, dining room and master bedroom for this woman. They were basically knocking down half the house. The second house we went to was in Manhasset, New York. Keri’s team isn’t doing any exterior construction on the house, just renovating the entire first floor, basement, and second floor. It was really exciting to see the construction site and her working one-on- one with the architects and contractors. I was in awe how much these men respected her design and construction opinion and wanted to hear everything she had to say. I watched as they went through every single detail on the blueprints to make sure everything was in place. The final house we stopped at was a mansion in Sands Point, New York. Keri and her design team built the entire house from scratch. She designed every last detail of this house. My jaw instantly dropped the moment we walked in. Everything was so beautiful. From the all white kitchen, to the magnificent dining room and wine cellar, everything was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t believe Keri has been designing this entire house for the past two years.

This experience of traveling with my boss to just a few of the houses she is designing was an incredible and beneficial experience. Not only was it enjoyable to get out of the office for the day and have a change of scenery, but it was great for me to learn more about Keri’s profession and witness the design process and how everything operates. I am incredibly grateful she offered to bring me along this week, and I hope I get to tag along with her again soon!


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