#UDIntern: Writing My Way To My Future (Part 3)


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This week was definitely a busy week when it came to projects. I went into work on Tuesday as per usual and was happy to find out that it was pizza day in the office! That is when I knew it was going to be a good day for sure. I checked my notes to see how much farther I needed to go on my venues project and I only had five more categories to go.

I talked to my supervisor Roberta who was excited to talk to me about one of the new projects I was going to begin on Thursday. One of our Los Angeles editors needed help on a fashion blogger project and asked if I would be able to begin on Thursday. Now officially with a deadline, I knew I had a lot on my plate.

Tuesday was a very fast paced day, and I knew I needed a lot of coffee, three cups to be exact. First it was the best pizzas in NYC, then Chinese, then wine bars, then fried chicken and finally donuts. I finished each list besides the donut venues, which I would save for Thursday.

Thursday was a new day and I knew I needed to finish the donut venue and finally be completely done with the venues project. I had a meeting with my supervisor set for 11 am and I was so excited to find out the details of my new project. We met in the bass conference room five minutes after 11. Roberta showed me the new PureWow logo ideas and talked to me about some of the stuff she was working on. Then she began to explain my next project.

We have a folder full of fashion bloggers that we consistently use for our fashion articles. But there is not enough in the folder, it is unorganized, and each blogger needs to be written about. That’s where I came in. This is the perfect project for me because I am very big on fashion and love to follow fashion blogs, so I was already familiar with some of the bloggers.

I was able to finish my venues project before lunch, and then I met a close friend who works at an app company a few blocks over. After lunch I began my fashion project and so far it is going very well. Everyone at work was impressed with the finished product of the venues project and I can’t wait to see where this next one takes me!


Alexandra Hough is a Senior Communications major at the University of Delaware.


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