#UDIntern: Startup in Spain


This past winter I had the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial marketing class and complete an internship during my time abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I participated in the 2017 Entrepreneurship Study Abroad program through the University of Delaware. As this was my first experience traveling to Europe, seeing a new country was exciting in itself. Having the chance to participate in an internship with an international communications agency took my participation in the cultural experience to a new level.

Each student involved in the study abroad program was paired with a different startup company in a category of their interest. It was frightening at first to learn that I would individually be working with a company that I had never heard of, in a country that I had never been to. I soon realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. Everyone in the company was so welcoming and eager for me to learn about their business and how their organization runs. As it was interesting to be working in a new city, it was very similar to the way an organization would run here in the U.S. I was able to quickly adapt to the new environment and focus on the tasks at hand throughout the internship.

I worked with the organization to try and strengthen their brand image in the marketplace. The company, ViewPoints, is a communications agency that publishes special reports and custom content in international media. They call the company ViewPoints because they believe that the wider the points of view, the greater the understanding. I researched their competitors, analyzed their webpage and compared it to that of their competitors. The final project that was tasked of each intern was to create an operations manual for their corresponding company. I completed my manual after much research and can only hope that it helped the organization improve their brand positioning in some way!

I would encourage all students to study abroad at least once during their college career. Traveling to a new country has opened my eyes to notice how others live, work, and enjoy life. My internship experience only added to the fun of Barcelona and I am eager to travel back to Spain someday! ¡Oh, cúan lejos llegarás!

Kaitlin Vienne is a Marketing major with minors in Advertising and International Business at the University of Delaware, planning to graduate in December 2017. She is Social Media Marketing Intern at Career Services, VP of Operations of Greek Council, and a member of Chi Omega Fraternity.


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