New Perspectives While Rome-ing Around


I have been fortunate enough to spend this semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy and I have gained so much value from the experience. As someone who wants to enter the creative field in some capacity post-grad, I can’t imagine a better source of inspiration. I am taking on-site drawing and photography classes, meaning every week my classes meet at a different historical site, where we spend the three-hour class period capturing it in our own way. Before this trip, I typically worked with photography and little else. But now, I am constantly sketching, photographing, and video recording the sights all around me. Using these different methods to capture my surroundings has not only expanded my skills, but also opened my mind to new ways of approaching creative solutions.

I was very comfortable with my photography already; I knew how to frame things to get the shots I wanted, and I knew what lighting and subject matters I preferred. But what worked for my photography didn’t translate well to my drawings, so I had to re-learn how I saw things to render them in a new way. I find myself now seeing things through a perspective of how I might sketch them, and it has helped me push my photography even further and challenge myself to new kinds of shots. This is even true of my videography as well; what works for still photography doesn’t necessarily carry over to moving video. I learned to play around with different kinds of shots and have had a lot of practice this semester compiling clips together to make videos that work logically and aesthetically, all while building my personal portfolio and skills. When I visit a new site, I take photographs that are usually very different than the videos I shoot of the same location, because the way I want to capture it differs for each method. It’s just like how you can pitch the same product to different target audiences in different ways that appeal to their different needs and interests.

I would like to work in advertising when I graduate, a field where the approach you take highly depends on the client. What works for the advertising and promotion of, for example, higher education, won’t be the same as the promotion of something like Starbucks. I am learning that there are many ways to approach and solve a problem creatively, and learning so much about the world while doing it. I feel my experience abroad has boosted my creativity as well as educated me about all different cultures and types of people, and I will be able to apply all of that knowledge when (hopefully) creating advertisements for all different kinds of people in the very near future.

Kristina Demou is a Junior Media Communication Major minoring in Art and Interactive Media, graduating in December 2017. She is passionate about social media and digital content creation, and hopes to work in Advertising post-grad. In her spare time, you can find her at the UD Lil Bob, taking photos, or strumming her ukulele. You can follow her on Twitter at @BlueHenKris and on Instagram at @kdemphotos.

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