#UDIntern: Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball Club


Where are you interning/did you intern?

The Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball Club

What are/were your responsibilities as an intern? 

I was responsible for various jobs during game days at Frawley Stadium. These included handing out promotional items at the stadium gates, setting up in-game promotional events, managing various stations around the stadium, selling 50/50 raffle tickets and hurl the pearl balls, as well as dressing up as the mascot Mr. Celery.

Describe a typical day at your internship.

While I did a different job every game, most often I worked the tunnel. First, I would go hand out giveaways at the gates, then organize all of the items for in-game promotions (such as the Dunkin Donuts Race, eyeball race, bash the bug, and the beach bash). During the game I would stand in the tunnel and let players onto the field from the clubhouse as well as alert the mascot of the in-game situation. Between innings I would run on the field and set up the games. After the game I was responsible in cleaning up the promotions room and watching the exit gates.

What is/was your favorite thing about your internship?

My favorite part was being able to watch a live baseball game while working outside.

What is/was the most valuable skill you developed in this internship that you can use in your future career?

I think the most valuable skill I developed was organization. The interns were not only responsible for keeping the items in the promotions room organized but we organized ourselves into different responsibilities and areas.

What was something unexpected that happened during your internship, or resulted because of your internship?

I met multiple people around the ballpark who were active in the sports media field which I am interested in. They gave me some good advice and stories of their own experience.

What advice or words of wisdom can you share for other students who may be interested in pursuing this internship, or a similar one?

This is a worthwhile internship to pursue. It is a great experience to work in a ballpark and there are many great and interesting things there. I would love to work in some sort of stadium again.

How did you grow as a future professional in this field?

I had the opportunity to gain experience in how a ballpark operates and the jobs everyone at the club have to do to make it succeed. I think that this knowledge and the experience in general has given me confidence to pursue a media job with a baseball or other sports team.

Alex Baker is studying Mass Communication at the University of Delaware and is expected to graduate in 2019.


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