#UDIntern: Christiana Hospital


Where are you interning/did you intern?

Christiana Care Hospital Emergency Department


What are/were your responsibilities as an intern?

I was responsible for continuously ensuring that the Triage Center hallways were lined up with clean and dressed stretchers, and that the waiting room was stocked with coffee supplies. I was also relied on with miscellaneous tasks that the nurses and technicians asked me to complete.


Describe a typical day at your internship.

My typical day started with arriving to the hospital, signing in, and going to the E.D. The first thing I would do when I got there was check if there were any stretchers missing from the Triage Center. If there were stretchers that were absent, I would grab them from where they were stored, bring them into the hallways, and sanitize/ dress them. Afterwards, I would go to the waiting area and make sure the coffee supplies were stocked, and asked those waiting if they needed anything. Once those tasks were complete, I would head over to the main Nurses’ area and see if they had any jobs for me. If there was nothing to be done, I would head over to each Cores to make sure the water jugs were filled and that no patients needed any food. The entire day consisted of me constantly making rounds to assist the staff and patients and make sure each were content.


What is/was your favorite thing about your internship?

My favorite thing about being in the E.D. is the exposure I got to a hospital scene, especially seeing all of the incoming trauma and how the staff reacts to it.


What is/was the most valuable skill you developed in this internship that you can use in your future career?

Communication. Through my time not only in the E.D., but at the hospital itself, I have learned that communication is very important. If I had not asked the staff or patients if they needed help with anything, I would have nothing to do but sit around. Talking to patients when they have no one else to talk to was also a crucial part of the job, because it gave them a sense of comfort in a hospital setting.


What was something unexpected that happened during your internship, or resulted because of your internship?

All of the appreciation from the staff was very unexpected. Sometimes I thought the interns were just getting in the way, or weren’t doing things the proper way. However, every day that I was there, several staff members would come up to me and thank me for all of the work I was doing, and for making their jobs easier. Knowing that filling a simple hallway with stretchers could help the staff out so much made me realize that what I was doing was making a difference.


What advice or words of wisdom can you share for other students who may be interested in pursuing this internship, or a similar one?

Research the different departments in the hospital and either pick the one best suited for you and your career, or pick the total opposite. I’m interested in the dental field but I picked the E.D. Even though this is far outside the field I wish to pursue, it was a unique experience and I loved it.

How did you grow as a future professional in this field?

I quickly learned how to interact with patients regardless of certain circumstances, because the staff taught me to always be professional.


Reeti Parikh is a sophomore medical lab & diagnostics interest major with a concentration in pre-dental and a minor in biological sciences. She is a member of the service sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma, as well as Delaware Innovation Fellows, Blue Hen Ambassadors, and is the fundraising chair of the Pre-dental Society.


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