#UDIntern: Baltimore Country Club

Where are you interning/did you intern?

I am currently interning in the business office at the Baltimore Country Club.

What are/were your responsibilities as an intern?

I am mostly working in accounts receivable, but I also assist in the accounts payable area as well. This responsibility encompasses all daily billing and payment processing.  After a specific event held at the country club, I work with the events team to help create bills that are charged to the customers. These events can range from weddings, to golf tournaments, to pool parties. In addition to directly handling the finances, I also act as a resource for club members. Through answering phone calls and emails, I resolve any questions or conflicts a customer may have in regards to their billing.


Describe a typical day at your internship.

I arrive at the office at 8:30 each morning and start the day by reading through the manager’s reports from the dining shifts/ events that occurred the previous day. In doing so, I have an idea of what projects I will be working on for the remainder of my shift. Afterward,  I tend to focus on the billing duties for the golf course and pool, and then switch to payment processing after lunch. We receive member payments through multiple channels, so keeping an updated record of payments can be time-consuming.


What is/was your favorite thing about your internship?

I really enjoy learning about the different parts of the business. The office is small with only about eight people, so I get to learn a lot from each of my coworkers. I also have a lot of autonomy, which has allowed me to improve my problem-solving and planning skills. Although above all, I would have to say my favorite part is being able to work closely with our CFO, a crucial member of the company.


What is/was the most valuable skill you developed in this internship that you can use in your future career?

Working with our CFO, I have been able to apply the concepts that I’ve learned about in my accounting classes. This, combined with the new skill sets I have acquired, have really helped me to understand the industry better as a whole. For example, I learned how to create journal entries in order to close out the books at the end of each month, a skill that is necessary when pursuing a career in accounting. 


What was something unexpected that happened during your internship, or resulted because of your internship?

Halfway through my internship, my coworker left on a trip for the remainder of the summer. For me, this resulted in an increase in responsibility as I had to step in and fill her role. This unforeseen opportunity allowed me to grow professionally in so many more ways than I would have, originally. I was no longer just handling the duties of an intern, but a full-time employee as well. This gave me the chance to challenge myself by taking on more work and by learning as much as possible.


What advice or words of wisdom can you share for other students who may be interested in pursuing this internship, or a similar one?

I would say to network, network, network. Even at places you wouldn’t consider as a prospective job opportunity, you never know what can happen. Last summer when I worked at the country club as a hostess, my manager overheard me talking about my plans for summer 2018. He encouraged me to reach out to the CFO and see if they had room for an intern on the business side of operations, which is how I got to where I am today! 

(NOTE: UD Career Services offers a link to LinkedIn’s job search engine! You can use this platform to view UD alumni that are employed at companies you wish to work at. Message them on LinkedIn and NETWORK!) 


How did you grow as a future professional in this field?

I really recommend working in an office for any business major, even if only for a little bit. You gain an entrepreneurial perspective on how a business is run, and learn how to work as a team towards a common goal. I am confident that I will take the lessons and skills I have learned in my internship next summer, and any position I hold after that.


Emily Moore is majoring in Accounting & Information Systems and is expected to graduate in 2020. On campus, she is involved with Alpha Kappa Psi and Delaware Innovation Fellows.


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