#UDIntern: Richards, Meli & Associates Financial Advisors

Gavin Carry is a psychology major, expected to graduate in 2019.


Where are you interning/did you intern?

I interned at Richards, Meli & Associates Financial Advisors. This independent firm is licensed through Ameriprise Financial.


What are/ were your responsibilities as an intern?

During my internship, I had many responsibilities. I had to research comprehensive financial planning concepts through Ameriprise databases. I worked with staff members to assist in their contributions to comprehensive financial plans. I interviewed clients to collect data to input into software, reviewed that output with my advisor, and created recommendations and plans to present to the client.


Describe a typical day at your internship:

A typical day in the office consisted of showing up at 8:30 a.m. and reading about any news nationally and internationally that could affect investments. I would then continue to find out the schedule for the day to see if I needed to partake in any meetings or conference calls. Once I knew my daily schedule, I would start to prepare for interviews with clients or I would use software provided to input data and create recommendations and financial plans to present to clients.


What is/ was your favorite part of your internship?

My favorite part about my internship was being able to sit down with clients to help them successfully plan for their future. It brought me a sense of satisfaction knowing I was helping someone plan out the rest of their lives so they could retire happily. I also loved being able to work one-on-one with the clients personally and create relationships instead of sitting behind a computer every day.


What is/ was the most valuable skill you developed in this internship that you can use in your future career?

The most valuable skill I further developed with this internship was my ability to read nonverbal communication and to be able to properly react to these gestures. No matter what career you are in, communication is key. A client may not always say how they feel, so being able to read non-verbal cues will help me to help the client in the best way possible.


What was something unexpected that happened during your internship, or resulted because of your internship?

The biggest thing that was unexpected that came out of my internship was thinking about retirement and my finances myself. I knew I would be learning about financial planning and expected to learn many things, but I never thought of planning for retirement myself at my age or planning for the unexpected. I am now better prepared for emergency or disaster because of learning how to care for all my finances and future wellbeing, as well as taking care of immediate family that could be affected by tragedy.


What advice or words of wisdom can you share for other students who may be interested in pursuing this internship, or a similar one?

If I could give any advice for someone looking to enter into a similar internship or situation it would be to go into it with your mind completely open. Do not have expectations of making lots of money and being a wall street master. Go into it ready to learn and see what financial planning is all about.


How did you grow as a future professional in this field?

I grew as a future professional by gaining experience in the financial planning industry and creating connections and relations with clients and current professionals that can help me succeed from the start in the financial planning industry.


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